All capsules are made of clear, scratch-resistant plastic and feature a fastening which is both secure and easy to open.




CAPS round Coin Capsules

Our best-seller: For all common coins with a diameter of 14 to 50 mm. Material: PS (Polystyrol)






ULTRA Coin Capsules

The ULTRA premium coin capsules are made of especially scratch-resistant transparent acrylic (PMMA). Capsules without a rim are available for all common coins between 17 – 41 mm.








As square capsules are all the same size (50 x 50 x 6.25 mm/ 2 x 2 x ¼ ") you can store coins of all sizes in one collection system.

Available for all coin diameters from 10 - 41 mm.







Square coin capsules incl. black plastic insert (acid-free and free of chemical softeners) with exact cut-out for your coins. Available for all coin diameters from 14 - 41 mm.







Capsules with up to 15 years of active protection from tarnishing. It's effectiveness is scientifically proven in several tests. The tried-and-tested Intercept technology has been in use for 30 years.





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