The high quality LEUCHTTURM albums and ring binders are ideal for the presentable storing of coins, banknotes, stamps, ETBs, postcards, historical stock certificates, as well as many other documents. For especially popular collection themes, we have developed albums that have become the standard for collectors in many countries. Ask us about our vast album assortment which we keep in stock!










Albums in classic-design by LEUCHTTURM convince since decades. Gold- or silver-colored embossing create a real recognition value. Ribs on the back produce the unique feel. Needled edges finish the CLASSIC-Design.









VISTA-Albums are made out of cardboard in special format. This offers opportunities of a colored variety. In total an album series could become a real eye-catcher. We would be delighted to create your own album-series in collaboration.










Albums in KASKADE-Design are made out of cardboard. Modern colors can give an album series an alive character. The coins are stored in permanently bound sheets.










Albums in PUR-design have a stylish linen look with delicate, transparent embossing and a flat spine. Our youngest albumdesign is available in various modern colors.









PRESSO-Albums consist of printed cardboard with precise die-cuts for coins. Visual design and the arrangement of the coins according to your wishes result in an individual result.









For all our album formats we offer suitable sheets for storing your coins. Various divisions of the sheets allow a fitting and structured collecting.